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About Us

Chedid Law Offices was founded in 1957 by Raymond Chedid, now a former head of the Beirut Bar Association (“Bâtonnier”). The firm allies a presence and tradition that are firmly grounded in Lebanon and the region with a genuine modern and dynamic approach when it comes to the practice of law. 

The firm believes in the high ethical standards that have made it become an institution over the past 50 years. Reputation is the only value that matters for businesses that are here for the long run. Ethics are the paramount corollary to a sound reputation, and they translate into the high-quality service and delivery standards that the firm prides itself to abide by. 

Chedid Law Offices is a full-service law firm, focused on corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, private equity, capital markets & securities, banking & finance, real estate, telecommunications, business litigation, commercial arbitration, and tax. 

Multinationals as well as international law firms look for people who speak their language and conform to their standards of quality of work and business ethics. Chedid Law Offices prides itself to be the Lebanese legal practice that understands the complexities of regional and international work and adds value on the problem-solving front, the law firm that can deal with large and complex transactions promptly and efficiently. 

Chedid Law Offices is deeply rooted in the Midddle East and the larger Arab world, reaching out, both through the on-the-ground experience of its own lawyers and its association with the global law firm Dentons (www.dentons.com), to North Africa and the Arab Gulf. The firm prides itself in understanding the region and its legal systems (which essentially derive from the civil law tradition), while bringing to the table its thorough knowledge of common law and its contracts. All of Chedid Law Offices’ lawyers are native Arabic speakers, while having been educated and/or trained in the West. They draw on their experience gained outside of Lebanon in order to constantly keep an eye on Western best practices and stay abreast of any legal innovations. The firm thus brings a unique perspective to the legal market: Arab by identity; Western by training

The firm is uncompromising in its recruitment standards and seeks and retains the best and brightest lawyers. Chedid Law Offices’ lawyers believe in teamwork. They follow a transparent, collaborative approach with their clients and take the firm’s quest for excellence to heart. 

Chedid Law Offices has adopted the standards and procedures of international law firms. The firm applies a stringent, unequivocal, conflict of interest policy, which is based on the belief that the best way to handle such conflicts is to avoid them entirely. The firm’s billing policy is to have a clear understanding by its clients of how it bills them for its services and costs: statements for professional services are rendered to clients regularly based on standard hourly rates, while the firm will occasionally agree to a flat fee or structured fee on certain matters.